Lake Wendouree and Victoria Park Link Lighting Project

The City of Ballarat is partnering with the Victorian Government to deliver the much-anticipated $3.17 million Lake Wendouree and Victoria Park Link Lighting project.

Lake Wendouree in the pre=dawn light with a silhouette of a person walking a dog

Project Overview

The Lake Lighting project will deliver 225 lights around the Lake Wendouree Steve Moneghetti Track and 7 lights along Morrison Street, linking Lake Wendouree to nearby Victoria Park.

The Lake Lighting project was the top priority project identified in the Lake Wendouree Masterplan. This process included three phases of community consultation. The consultation survey received over 1800 responses with 81.7% of respondents supportive of the project and 8.8% neutral. Over 480 written responses strongly supporting the project were also received.

This priority project involves lighting the Steve Moneghetti Track on the Lake Wendouree foreshore to provide a safer environment for the lake's 350,000+ annual users, particularly after-hours and during winter months.

The  Steve Moneghetti Track is a permeable granitic sand track that is uneven in places and can hold water after heavy or prolonged rainfall. Lighting the track reduces trip and fall hazards associated with poor lighting on a track with a variable and uneven surface.

At the February 2022 City of Ballarat Council meeting, councillors voted to award the project tender to De Araugo and Lea Electrical Contractors. The contract involves the supply, install and commission of 225 light poles and fittings around the Steve Moneghetti Track and supply, install and commission of 7 light poles and fittings along Morrison Street.

Trial Lights at the Lake

Two trial lights were installed near the Olympic Rings at Lake Wendouree in late 2020. The two trial lights which demonstrate the pole style and light spill, include two pole option designs - one with a straight tapered pole and the other with a stepped pole.

The tapered pole option has been approved through a Planning Permit and Heritage Victoria Permit.

Victoria Park Link

The Victoria Park Link component of the project includes lighting along Morrison Street, utilising the recently completed pedestrian crossing point at the corner of Wendouree Parade and Morrison Street and also the recently upgraded intersection at Russell, Sturt and Morrison Streets.

Stage 2 of the project involves lighting to 'link' Victoria Park with Lake Wendouree.

Design and Materials

The design for the Lake Lighting project has considered a range of factors including but not limited to an independent Biological Impact Assessment, an independent Arborist Assessment, a Cultural Heritage Management Plan, and a Heritage Impact Assessment. This includes not only the fittings and poles, but also the installation to minimise any impacts on the environment.

The lighting design has specifically incorporated low spill LED fittings to limit any spill and glare beyond the path and either side of the path. The spill to the path and either side of it, and the lux level, are required to meet the requirements under the Australian Standard 1158.3.1:2020 Category PP3 for Public Lighting.

The Ligman light fittings selected for the project are accredited by the International Dark-sky Association.

Planning Permit and Heritage Victoria Permit

The Heritage Victoria Permit was approved for the project on 2 September 2021, specifically for the lighting proposed in the Victorian Heritage Listed Botanic Garden precinct.

This permit was advertised earlier in 2021 and considered the Heritage Impact Statement, consultation with Heritage Victoria, the Arborist Report with specific reference to Tree Protection Zones, and the how the project was to be constructed (underground boring instead of open excavation and trenching).  

The Planning Permit was approved by the Planning Delegated Committee of Council on 27 October 2021. This Planning Permit included the detailed design for the project and approved the use of the proposed light fittings and poles. 

Lighting Hours of Operation

The lights will be programmed to turn on and off at times best suited to the needs of lake users, and with respect for local residents and the animals/insects that live around the lake.

The lights will come on in the evening and turn off at 10pm at night. In the mornings, the lights will come on at 5.30am and turn off via a sensor that measures the natural light level which differs throughout the year.

Background Research and Reports

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page which has been developed to provide further information on the project and process to date.