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Delegated Committees

* Delegated Committees of Council may not meet during the COVID-19 Stage 3 restrictions imposed by the Victorian Government.

Delegated Committees are those which are established by Council under section 63 of the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act) that exercises a power, or performs a duty or function, of the Council that has been delegated to that Committee under any Act.

The members of a Delegated Committee's decision-making powers are limited to those matters covered in the Instrument of Delegation. When Council delegates to members of a Delegated Committee, it allows the Committee members to exercise the power to make certain decisions ‘as if it were Council’. 



Terms of Reference/ Delegation

Council Officer Responsible


Community Impact Delegated Committee



Peter Appleton – Executive Manager Engaged Communities

David Harris

Dr Samantha Fabry

Sofia Fiusco

Contracts Approval Delegated Committee



Lorraine Sendall – Executive Assistant Director Business Services


Her Majesty’s Theatre Board Delegated Committee



Daniel Henderson – Theatre Manager Her Majesty’s Theatre

Emma Blee

Mary-Rose McLaren

Peter Zala

Ronald Harrington

Scott Sherritt

Timothy Gay

Virginia Wise

Planning Delegated Committee



Natalie Robertson – Executive Manager Development Facilitation


Community Asset Committees

A Community Asset Committee is a Committee established by Council to manage a community asset in the municipal district. Section 47 (1) of the Act allows the Chief Executive Officer may by Instrument of Delegation delegate any power, duty or function of the Council that has been delegated to the Chief Executive Officer by the Council to the members of a Community Asset Committee.



Terms of Reference


Ascot Hall Community Asset Committee


Peter Wrigley

Stuart Sobey

Geoff Dean

Ivan Thomas

Bruce Spittle

Ian Thomas

Marg Thomas

Norman Grills

Keith Mason

Joanne Wrigley

Julie Spittle

Fiona Blair

Brown Hill Hall Community Asset Committee


Scott Antonio

Dianne Eden

Reg Eden

Steve Holmes

Brendan Stephens

Merrilyn Harlock

Buninyong Community Hall Asset Committee


Simon Dennis

Vic Bradley

Sharele Pilmore

Miranda Donald

Anne Gooding

Burrumbeet Soldiers Memorial Hall Asset Committee


Paul Beechey

Desley Beechey

Alan McCartney

Bernard Hyland

Brendan Cahill

Ian Smith

Gwen Smith

Angela Smith

Ian Marshall

Shirley Marshall

Alison Briody

Lauren Briody

Cardigan Village Community Asset Committee


Francis Litwin

Blake Curran

Bev Penberthy

Alicia Bond

Sarah Britt

Janna Mayall

Mary Tipping

Invermay Recreation Reserve


Geoffrey Fraser

Ruth Nunn

Ian Martin

Ian Daniel

Peter Nunn

Lachlan Pryor

Jabez Armstrong

Miners Rest Hall Community Asset Committee


Peter Loader

Karen Grose

Diane Jennings

Lynette Rock

Bill Loader

Margaret Adams

Simone Morgan

Scotsburn Community Hall Asset Committee TOR

Celia Burnham

Darryl Palmer

Evan Ould

Phillip Allen

Rowan Jones

Nigel Prior

Roland Nam

John Allen

Gabrielle Murphy

Bill Whiteside

Graham Shearer

Sebastopol Hall Community Asset Committee


David MacKay

Mark Azzopardi

Warrenheip Hall Community Asset Committee


Julie Blackmore

Angela Beattie

Emma Carter

Malcolm McCann

Julian Prendergast

Advisory Committees


Advisory Committees provide particular expertise to help Council make decisions, however they do not have any formal delegated powers to act in place of the Council. The recommendations of Advisory Committees have no legal standing unless they are adopted by Council at a formal meeting.



Terms of Reference

Councillor Officer Responsible

Ballarat Airport/Aerodrome Advisory Committee


John Hartigan - Airport Manager and Program Development Officer 

Ballarat Heritage Advisory Committee


Susan Fayad - Coordinator Heritage and Cultural Landscapes

Ballarat Municipal Observatory Advisory Committee


Darren Whitford - Acting Executive Manager Property Services and Facilities Management

Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility Advisory Committee  TOR Mark Patterson - Executive Manager Recreation Services

CEO Performance Review Advisory Committee


Cameron Montgomery - Executive Manager Governance and Risk

Child Friendly Ballarat Advisory Committee


Sharelle Knight - Executive Manager Family and Children's Services

Community Safety Advisory Committee


Amanda Collins - Community Safety and Wellbeing Officer

Disability Advisory Committee  TOR Rural Access Officer
Intercultural Advisory Committee TOR Lisa Collins - Cultural Partnerships Officer
Koorie Engagement Action Group Advisory Committee TOR Hemraz Bhoolah - Cultural Partnerships Officer and Intercultural Employment Program Project Officer
Lake Learmonth Advisory Committee TOR Mark Patterson - Executive Manager Recreation Services
Lake Wendouree & Gardens Advisory Committee TOR Bernard Blood - Supervisor Lake Wendouree

Audit and Risk Committee


Council Officer Responsible

Community Representatives


Rachelle Tippett - Business Advisor Risk and Quality Assurance

John Watson

Linda McNeil

Jason Hargreaves