Ballarat’s street sweeping fleet grows

Ballarat’s street sweeping fleet grows

Ballarat’s street sweeping fleet grows 

A new street sweeping machine is helping the City of Ballarat keep up with the growth of the municipality. 

The Scarab Mistral model will join three other street sweeping machines and two pavement cleaning machines in the City’s fleet.  

The newest machine is quiet for both residents and the operator, has class leading suction performance, exceptional reliability and is more fuel efficient than many other models.  

City of Ballarat Deputy Mayor, Cr Amy Johnson said in line with the Council Plan’s strategic goals, the city is always looking for greater efficiencies and sustainability across all areas of operation. 

“Maintaining Ballarat streets and footpaths is a critical part of our operation and the new Scarab, like our other street sweepers will be working 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so we need reliability and efficiency,” Cr Johnson said. 

“With the increasing expansion of our city’s residential areas, the new streetsweeper is an invaluable asset.  

“Many of us know the familiar sound of the street sweeper early in the morning as it goes about its business sweeping on average 30,000kms of road per year. 

“The Scarab has dual control, so both left and right-hand steering and all our operators have their truck licence and receive training from the supplier. 

“The vehicles are designed and equipped to fulfil multiple street cleaning roles, enabling the most cost-effective approach to street cleaning.” 

City of Ballarat Director of Infrastructure and Environment, Bridget Wetherall said the new street sweeping machine was a great addition for the City of Ballarat’s Waste and Environment team.  

“Our street sweeping staff take immense pride in the job they are doing,” Ms Wetherall said. 

“Much of the time, their work in the early hours – even on Christmas morning – when most are still asleep goes unnoticed, but certainly their efforts in keeping our roads and pavements clean doesn’t.  

“Providing more efficient, quieter vehicles is a priority to support their work.” 

All the Ballarat street sweepers not only clean debris and small litter from the roads and gutters, but they have also been tailored to provide pressure washing facilities to street furniture and pit cleaning suction abilities.