Be Kind Ballarat

These are unprecedented times, and they are tough ones. Let's band together as a community and show a little kindness.

Be Kind Ballarat

While you're at home - there's still plenty to enjoy!

There's still plenty to do

We know these are tough times, but there’s lots you can still enjoy from the comfort of your home. From online learning, to family projects and virtual tours, here's a few things you can enjoy.

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Be kind to yourself

Why not get out for a walk and enjoy the Ballarat Botanic Gardens. Listen to music, kick back with a Netflix binge - whatever makes you happy!

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Be kind to others

What a time to show some neighbourly love. We know some people might be feeling a little alone right now, so if everyone in Ballarat simply knocked on their neighbours door or called over the fence to say hello to their neighbour, it would mean every household maintains some much needed social contact.

See Ways to be Kind.

Announcement for elderly members of our community

Announcement for elderly members of our community

We are calling on everyone in the community to look after our most vulnerable during this uncertain time. 

People over sixty-five and people with pre-existing medical conditions are at a higher risk of experiencing severe illness from the COVID-19 virus. 

If you are over 65 years of age, we strongly urge you to stay at home. 

If you have a grandparent, parent, uncle, aunty, neighbour, friend, or anybody you know that is 65 years + please assist them so that they can remain at home. 

We as a community need to look after each other, flatten the curve and get through this together.  

If you feel unwell or are having trouble accessing food and essential items: Call Victoria’s dedicated COVID-19 hotline on 1800 675 398.


Click here for updates and information from Ballarat Health Services.

City leaders call for residents to Be Bold and and Stay Home

Be kind stay home

The City of Ballarat, Commerce Ballarat, Committee for Ballarat  and Ballarat Regional Tourism are  calling  on Daniel Andrews and Scott Morrison to continue to be bold and brave in their decision making on flattening the COVID-19  curve. 

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