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Running a Business

Operating a business can be challenging. Staying up-to-date on industry trends and opportunities can give you confidence and your business direction. 

Repair Cafe Ballarat

Have you considered joining an industry association? 

There are a number of industry associations with a presence in Ballarat, including Commerce Ballarat, Australian Industry Group, Bridge Mall Business Association and the Buninyong Traders Association  
Membership of an association can have many benefits for new and established businesses.  

Stay up-to-date with business news

You can subscribe to our Economic Development e-newsletter 
As a subscriber you will receive information about:  

  • Strategic project updates  

  • Grant opportunities  

  • Business development and networking events  

  • State and federal government updates  

  • Sector updates  

You can also speak with our Business Engagement Officer about how your business is going by calling 5320 5500 or emailing 

Share your business success stories

We are proud of the diverse business community in Ballarat. Small, medium and large businesses in various sectors not only service our local community but also contribute to the overall economic strength of our region.   

We love to hear about and share your success. 

If you are celebrating a contract win, moving into a new facility, or milestone in your business, please contact us on 03 5320 5500 or   

Food safety
Person washing their hands

I want to run a food business in Ballarat

Any Ballarat business that sells food or drink must register their food premises with us. 

Our officers will inspect your premises and issue a certificate of Food Act Registration. Once received, you can handle food for sale at your premises.

How much does it cost to register a business?

Your fees will be determined based on the details you have provided in your application.

What if I only want to operate temporarily?

If your community group or business intends to operate from a temporary or mobile food premises, such as a market stall, food truck or cart, you still need to register with us.
If you are proposing to operate a Class 4 food premises, such as a sausage sizzle, you will need to notify us.

For community groups or businesses that want to operate in different locations around the state, you will need to lodge a Statement of Trade with Streatrader.

Are you a not-for-profit organisation wanting to sell food to raise funds?

Visit Health Victoria to find out what's involved in selling food to raise funds.

If you intend to open a new food-related business, it is important you are aware of our role in monitoring and advising all food businesses in the municipality to ensure they comply with safe and suitable food standards. This includes all businesses which handle, pack, prepare and sell food.

Under the Victorian Food Act 1984, we have a statutory duty to register and inspect food premises.

Our duties under the Act include:

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