Recycling in Ballarat is Changing

NO GLASS in recycling bins from Monday 30 September 2019.

  • NO glass is allowed in the yellow recycling bin (alternate glass deposit is available)
  • Continue to recycle paper, cardboard and clean cans
  • Clean plastic containers from your kitchen, laundry and bathroom are the only plastics we can accept

View for more information.


The City of Ballarat is aiming for zero contamination in recycling bins and to reduce waste to landfill by 65% as part of the waste minimisation strategy.

View the Waste Guide for a list of what items go in each bin.
Up to 16% of our recycling loads are contaminated with incorrect items.

By knowing what to recycle we can all:

  • Decrease recycled items going to landfill
  • Reduce costs to council and all ratepayers
  • Avoid contamination charges
  • Help the environment

Visit Get it Right Bin Night for details on what can be recycled.


Helpful tips

Simple habits in the household can make the recycling industry more efficient and sustainable.

In Ballarat it is best to prepare recyclables by:

  • Rinse out recyclables before putting them in the bin
  • Break up small cardboard boxes before putting them in the bin
  • No plastic bags in the bin
  • No glass in the bin
  • Only plastics from your bathroom, kitchen and laundry

Sustainability Victoria has details on what you can recycle.

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