New public artwork installation unveiled in Ballarat

Image of Open Every Door on the Annex Wall in Alfred Deakin Place

Artists Briony Galligan


Awarded artist, Briony Galligan spent five days creating her artwork Open Every Door on the Annex Wall in Alfred Deakin Place.

Open Every Door consists of two wall paintings that will remain at the site for six months (the current site will be painted over at a later date).

Each abstract wall painting references queer histories and art makers, as well as abstract drawings made by Deakin’s Spiritualist contemporaries, such as Georgiana Haughton (1814-1884).

The City of Ballarat commissions artists to create temporary public artworks annually on a wall in Alfred Deakin Place. The artwork features on a prominent site near the Art Gallery of Ballarat Annex.

“The painted works are very intricate to make as I work in various sized brush strokes to make the images appear hand-drawn" Briony said of her latest work.

Alfred Deakin Place is actively being programmed as a space for new and innovative, contemporary public art.

The temporary public artwork wall in Alfred Deakin Place provides visitors to the area with shifting artwork experiences that change each November.

In 2021 Briony will also bring an additional artwork A Lover not a Fighter to the venue. The text for the work, ‘A lover not a fighter, a fighter not a lover, is drawn from a shirt at the Ballarat Frolic Festival.