Council election nominations close

News update

Twenty four candidates have nominated for the 2020 Ballarat City Council elections, with eight in each ward.
Candidates in Central Ward are:
•    Nick Shady
•    Kumuda Simpson
•    Stephen Jones
•    Geoff Howard
•    Mark Harris
•    Belinda Coates
•    John Dooley
•    Samantha McIntosh
Candidates in North Ward are:
•    Jay Morrison
•    Daniel Moloney
•    David Harris
•    Peter Eddy
•    Amy Johnson
•    Grant Tillett
•    Bryn Hills
•    Ellen Burns
Candidates in South Ward are:
•    Des Hudson
•    Bridget Aitchison
•    Susan Jakobi
•    Ben Taylor
•    Tracey Hargreaves
•    Rachel Muir
•    Jim Rinaldi
•    Jackson Snep
Voting in this this year’s election will be by postal vote, with packs sent to enrolled voters from 6 to 8 October.
The packs will contain information about candidates, voting instructions, a ballot paper and a reply-paid envelope.
Voting closes at 6pm on Friday 23 October and results will be declared on Friday 13 November.