Children's Consultation

The City of Ballarat is a signatory to the Victorian Child Friendly Cities and Communities Charter. In keeping with our commitment to the Charter and in lieu of a traditional Children’s Week celebration, the Family and Children’s Services team conducted a Children’s Consultation Project.

Small boy with finger raised

Children under the age of 13 make up approx 20% of Ballarat’s population, and in 2020 there are more than 20,000 kids. The aim of this project was to capture some of the voices of this large percentage of our population and find out whether Ballarat is delivering on what children want and need, and why we should continue to consult with children in the future.

We asked children the following three questions:

  • Why should adults listen to kids?
  • What do you love about Ballarat?
  • What makes a good neighbourhood?

We received 131 responses from children aged from 2 to 13 years . We were impressed by the articulate and thoughtful responses we received.

Overwhelmingly, children told us:

  • Adults should listen to kids because kids have opinions and things to say that are no less important than adults
  • They love what Ballarat has to offer, especially the playgrounds and natural features (such as the lake)
  • A good neighbourhood is about the people living there, and the kindness they display.

The responses from the consultation will now be used to inform planning documents and future consultation activities.

What children had to say

Abby - age 4
Abby - age 4
Response from Isaac
Isaac - age 4
Response from Isla aged 4
Isla - age 4
Response from Juan age 4
Juan - age 4
Response from Lexi age 3
Lexi - age 3
Response from Mia age 3
Mia - age 2


Why should adults listen to kids?

“I will feel happy if you listen to me” – Elsie, age 3

“People are like dogs because dogs are all different. All dogs are important and, so, all the people are important.” – Isla, age 4

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“Kids who might seem inexperienced are the ones dealing with the trouble generations of people have caused, so please give us a say.” – Kate, age 10

“We’re the ones that are going to live in adults’ choices” – Millie, age 12

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What do you love about Ballarat?

“I like Ballarat, no….I actually love and love Ballarat” – Abby, age 4

“In Ballarat I like the swimming pools, gardens, lakes and mostly everything!” – Mahathi, age 8

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“I love Ballarat because lots of people are hard working to help the community and there are lots of friendly people, and lots of fun things to do.” – Keira, age 11

“I love the calmness of walking around the lake and the excitement of white night. I love the relief of the city buzz.” – Millie, age 11

“The reason why I love Ballarat is probably because of its diversity” – Nivash, age 12

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What makes a good neighbourhood?

“A good neighbourhood is when everyone is nice to everyone” – Mahathi, Age 8

“A good neighbourhood is a good place for riding bikes, skateboards and scooters” Nive, age 8

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“A good neighbourhood is opportunities to talk with each other, have fun and be safe” – Kartie, Age 10

“For a neighbourhood to be classified ‘great’ it needs to have friendly neighbours that can relate with each other and maintain a healthy relationship” – William, age 11

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