Strategies, plans, and policies

Find our strategies, action plans and master plans for Ballarat; City of Ballarat's policies and procedures; local laws; and governance rules.

Plans, strategies and frameworks

Active Ballarat Strategy

Active Women and Girls Strategy 2018

Ballarat Activity Centres Strategy

Bakery Hill Urban Renewal Plan Parts 1 and 2

Bakery Hill Urban Renewal Plan Parts 3, 4 and 5

Ballarat Aquatic Strategy 2014

Ballarat Creative City Strategy

Ballarat Creative Precinct Master Plan

Ballarat Cycling Action Plan 2017-25

Ballarat East Local Area Plan

Ballarat Event Strategy 2018-28

Ballarat Friends of Ainaro Community Committee Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Ballarat Heritage Plan 2017-30

Ballarat Integrated Transport Plan

Ballarat Open Space Strategy

Ballarat Prosperity Framework

Ballarat Rural Land Use Strategy

Ballarat Skate and Youth Facilities Framework

Ballarat West Precinct Structure Plan part 1

Ballarat West Precinct Structure Plan part 2

Burrumbeet Township Plan

Canadian Valley Outline Development Plan

Carbon Neutrality and 100 Per Cent Renewables Action Plan

Circular Ballarat Framework

Community Engagement Framework

Community Safety Strategic Statement 2017-2021

Dowling Forest Precinct Master Plan

Digital Services Strategy

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2019-2022

Economic Program 2015-19

Electric Line Clearance Management Plan 2019/20

Food Strategy 2019-22

Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017-21

Intercultural City Strategic Plan 2018-21

Lake Wendouree Master Plan

Lawn Bowls Facilities Framework

Making Ballarat Central - CBD Action Plan 2017-21

Municipal Early Years Plan 2015-18

Municipal Emergency Management Plan 2019-21

Municipal Council Neighbourhood Safer Places Plan

Playspace Management Plan 2021-2025

Playspace Planning Framework

Reconciliation Action Plan 2019-21

Road Management Plan 2021

Resource Recovery and Waste Management Strategy 2018-22

Smart City Framework

Social Policy Framework

Stormwater Management Plan 2010

The Cardigan Village Plan

The Learmonth Plan - Our Township Towards 2040

Traveller Experience Plan 2021-2030

Tree Management Plan 2018-22

Urban Forest Action Plan

Victoria Park Master Plan - Volume 1

Victoria Park Master Plan - Volume 2

Visitor Economy Strategy 2021-2024

Woodmans Hill Gateway Precinct Master Plan

Local Laws

Our local laws provide peace, order and good government for our residents, businesses and visitors.

Community Local Law 2017

Common Seal and Conduct at Meetings Local Law 2020

Local Law Activity Permit