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What should I do in an emergency?

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What role does the City of Ballarat play in an emergency?

  • Implement state-initiated preventative strategies, such as planning and building codes, planning for floods, health risk and fire management;
  • Undertake local risk management and emergency planning;
  • Develop and implement community education and awareness programs, involving the community in emergency management planning;
  • Incorporate risk reduction strategies into local safety programs;
  • Provide services to support persons in need;
  • Provide equipment support to emergency services agencies;
  • Manage community recovery programs, policies and strategies; and
  • Manage community needs in all emergency management processes;

To achieve this, Council has appointed a Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee.


Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee

The role of the committee is to develop the Municipal Emergency Management Plan for Council’s consideration.

The committee meets four times a year and comprises representatives from:

  • City of Ballarat
  • Victoria Police
  • State Emergency Services
  • Country Fire Authority
  • Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • Ambulance Victoria
  • Ballarat Health Services
  • Australian Red Cross
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Central Highlands Water
  • Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
  • Lifeline
  • VicRoads
  • WICEN.

The committee includes people in key emergency management roles:

  • Municipal Emergency Manager (Council)
  • Municipal Emergency Resource Officer (Council)
  • Municipal Recovery Manager (Council Representative)
  • Municipal Emergency Response Coordinator (Victoria Police)
  • MFPO – Municipal Fire Prevention Officer (Council).

A key functions of the committee is to develop a Municipal Emergency Management Plan for the City of Ballarat, as required under the Emergency Management Act 1986.

The current Municipal Emergency Management Plan addresses the prevention of, and response to, a range of emergencies within the municipality, as well as recovery activities once an emergency has passed.


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