Be part of the Day of a Thousand Conversations and help shape the future of our city

Ballarat: Our Future

As part of Council’s Ballarat: Our Future community engagement program, Friday 12 February will be the Day of a Thousand Conversations.  

The City of Ballarat is working on a range of new medium and long-term plans and is looking for community members to get the conversation going with their friends, family, groups and clubs to share their priorities.  

City of Ballarat Director Community Wellbeing Matthew Wilson said that Friday 12 February would be a day where residents of Ballarat will share their thoughts and ideas about priorities for Ballarat on a massive scale.  

“Who better to gather thoughts and ideas for future planning than community members themselves,” Mr Wilson said. 

“The Day of a Thousand Conversations will involve community members, group leaders and service providers having conversations with their families, friends, teams, clubs and groups.”  

“Anyone can host a conversation or participate in one. The more diverse the participants, the better Council's plans will reflect community thoughts and ideas.” 

It’s easy to have your own conversation. Log on to and download a ‘Conversation Kit.’ 

The kit outlines two conversation options: a ‘kitchen table conversation’ with one person or a small group of people, or a ‘group huddle’ with your community group, club or team.  

“Conversations can be as long or as short as you like. We would really encourage everyone to download the Kit and have a short conversation with their family and friends to contribute to the future of Ballarat”. 

The kit includes links to submit your responses gathered through your conversations.  

“Conversations can actually happen anywhere from February 12 to 19 but it’s great to aim for as many conversations as we can on one day.”