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The following statement is attributable to City of Ballarat CEO Janet Dore - 


A key focus of my role is to implement changes relating to the findings of the Ombudsman’s report. 

Following the announcement of the proposed organisational structure realignment on 16 July, I have received a number of submissions from staff, and have had many online meetings and discussions with staff and teams about the changes. 

I have reviewed all feedback and today I am announcing the new organisational structure for the City of Ballarat. This new structure will commence from Monday, 3 August 2020. 

The City of Ballarat appointed an independent and reputable recruitment firm to oversee this process. 

These changes aim to transform and improve our business operations and service delivery to our community. 

Staff and Councillors were today advised of the new organisational structure. There will be transitional arrangements in place over the next few weeks. Managers will talk to staff about making the necessary arrangements to transition into their new teams and/or new Division. 


New organisational structure 

The new structure includes the four Divisions, as outlined below, with slight amendments to better balance the organisation and to create an organisation that is equipped to deliver on Council’s commitments and the community’s expectations. 


Organisational structure

The key update from the proposed structure is: 

  • The Environmental Services teams will be an independent business unit, Environment, in the Infrastructure and Environment Division. This new business unit has been established to give the priority required for this crucial function of the organisation, highlighting the long-term focus on strategic and sustainable waste management. This business unit will drive the initiative for a Circular Economy in collaboration with specialists from across the organisation. Over the coming weeks, a secondment opportunity will be advertised internally for staff to apply for the Executive Manager role of Environment. 


Next steps 

Recruitment for the new roles — Director Corporate Services, Director Infrastructure and Environment, Director Community Wellbeing, Director Development and Growth and Executive Manager People and Culture will begin on Saturday 8 August 2020.  

The recruitment process will be transparent and conducted by an independent and reputable recruitment company. 

While recruitment and selection are finalised for the new roles, the following acting arrangements will be in place during this period: 

  • Sean Portelli will be acting in the role, Director Corporate Services 

  • Darren Sadler will be acting in the role, Director Infrastructure and Environment 

  • Neville Ivey will be acting in the role, Director Community Wellbeing 

  • James Guy will be acting in the role, Director Development and Growth 

  • Andrew Prestage will be acting in the role, Executive Manager People and Culture. 

An Expression of Interest process will be advertised internally for the acting Director Development and Growth role later today. 

I would like to thank the staff at the City of Ballarat for their support, valuable input, professionalism and continued service during this organisational structure realignment. 

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