Easter – what’s on your list?

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Restrictions are in place and the annual camping trip is off. Facebook and Instagram are showing lots of ideas about how you and your family can spend Easter - but you’re still not sold. Why not try our ideas instead?  

Bury a time capsule – collect some memorable items and pop them in a box. Bury it in the garden or in the back of a cupboard, plan to pull it out in the years to come to remember what life was like during COVID-19 restrictions. We’ve added more suggestions here to get you started. 

DIY Easter bonnet and have a virtual parade – use items from around your house to make a fabulous and flamboyant Easter bonnet. Jump online with friends to share your creations and walk the catwalk (or hallway). Photos mandatory. 

Start a new family tradition – think creatively, put a new tradition in place this year. Think of a fresh spin on the traditional hot cross bun or cooking a vegetarian or vegan meal on Good Friday. Plan a family day of activities so you’ll have some good memories to look back on when times are tough.  

Create a bucket list jar – what are you and your family missing the most this Easter and school holidays? Write them down and pop them in a jar or container as a list of things to do when the lockdown is over. Now is a great time to remember the things you love to do with friends, family and around Ballarat and region. 

Take a family photo to send to loved ones – if you’ve created Easter bonnets why not sit everyone down and take a family photo showing off your handiwork?  Send the photo to family members or friends who need some joy and a pick me up this Easter.  

Have a games tournament – pull out the board games, Mario cart, the table tennis set, or whatever you’ve got and buckle in for day of competition. Choose your teams, your team name and your outfit. Don’t forget to decide what the winner’s get – no dishes that night, their choice of movie after dinner, the last Easter egg – the prize options are endless. Game on! 

Be kind board game



Bury a time capsule – if you’re not on social media and haven’t joined the trend of writing a post that will pop up as a memory in a couple of years' time, maybe try a physical one.  Try one anyway, you may drop off social media in years to come. So, why not create an actual time capsule containing examples of what Ballarat is going through and how you feel and have coped during this time. Here’s some tips to get you started. 

DIY Easter bonnet and have a virtual parade – use items from around your house to make a flamboyant Easter bonnet. Jump online with friends to share your creations and walk the catwalk (or hallway). Add a competition element for a little bit more fun - pool your money and send the winner a delivery of their favourite takeaway or some delicious cupcakes! 

Create a bucket list jar – each time you wish you could just duck out for pizza with friends or a drink at the pub or wine bar, write it down and keep a list. Make it your mission - when we’re allowed to roam free again - to do everything on your lockdown list.  It’ll help your mental health and be a great excuse to catch up with your mates. Plus, you’ll be supporting local businesses and they’ll need us just as much as we need them at the end of this.  

Take a photo with your housemates – are you missing the traditional family get together this Easter Sunday? Grab your housemates and try to create your best Christmas Easter holiday card to send to your family and friends. If you’re home alone, dress yourself up (and your pet) and have a video call with your loved ones, they may need the laugh. Have some fun – you deserve it! 

Have a games tournament – you could grab all the games you’ve collected over the years, or you could take a leaf out of Ross Gellar’s book and create your own boardgame. How well do you know your housemates and friends? Make it virtual through the House Party app, have a couple of drinks and find out who your real friends are. 

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