Cr Samantha McIntosh (Mayor)

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About Councillor McIntosh

Now in her third term as Mayor, Councillor Samantha McIntosh has held the position since November 2016, delivering a strategic vision for the city which facilitates job creation, attracts investment and delivers essential services and infrastructure.

Mayor McIntosh takes a strategic approach to the Mayoral role; lobbying governments, forging partnerships and advocating strongly on behalf of Ballarat and its residents. She is a confident and visionary leader who  works to build Ballarat’s reputation as a progressive and forward-looking city - the regional capital of Western Victoria. 

Ballarat is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the state - Mayor McIntosh has a particular interest in promoting and protecting Ballarat’s outstanding built and social heritage and has been at the forefront of Council’s world-leading involvement in UNESCO’s Historic Urban landscape approach to heritage management.

Future proofing initiatives related to digital transformation, increasing sustainability, uptake of smart technology, industry transition, job creation and service and infrastructure delivery are also a priority.

Cr McIntosh has trained as a registered nurse, has owned and managed tourism hospitality and health support venues, and worked as a real estate agent.

Cr McIntosh is married and has four adult children. 

Cr McIntosh is a Prosperity Portfolio Councillor.



  • Her Majesty's Board special committee
  • Audit Advisory Committee
  • Ballarat Airport/Aerodrome Advisory Committee
  • Ballarat Heritage Advisory Committee 
  • CEO Performance Review Advisory Committee
  • Child Friendly Ballarat Advisory Committee 
  • Eureka Centre Community Advisory Committee
  • Lake Wendouree and Gardens Advisory Committee 
  • Public Art Advisory Committee
  • Central Highlands Mayors' and CEOs' forum 
  • Committee for Ballarat 
  • Regional Cities Australia (Chair) 
  • Coghills Creek/Glendaruel Cemetery 
  • Learmonth Cemetery
  • Portfolio: Planning and Development (Prosperity)


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