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Events are a high risk for COVID-19 transmission with many people moving around and interacting with each other. Events need to follow COVIDSafe guidelines to help slow the spread of the virus. Information is available to help organisers of public events in Victoria meet COVID-19 safety requirements.

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Public Events Framework for all public events

The Victorian Government has created the Public Events Framework (Framework) to help event organisers and venues that wish to operate above and beyond what is permitted under the Restricted Activity Directions (Victoria) from the Chief Health Officer and/or do not have a COVIDSafe Plan. 

This Framework guides how to work with government to confirm capacity arrangements for your venue or event, and potentially other health control measures, above and beyond the directions. 

Public events are assessed under the Framework according to their scale, complexity and risk factors. A three-tiered system ensures the appropriate level of public health oversight for public events. 

Tier 1: Highly complex and involves more than 7,500 attendees 

Tier 2: Moderately complex and involves between 1,001 – 7,500 attendees, divided into two categories:  

  • Tier 2 events that can operate under the settings of the Framework (Section 5) 
  • Tier 2 events that are seeking an exemption to the settings of the Framework (Section 5)

Tier 3: Low complexity and involves 1,000 or fewer attendees (and not already covered by a venue or business’s existing COVIDSafe Plan)

The Framework sets rules for organising a public event above what is allowed in the Restricted Activity Directions (Victoria) as we move into a COVIDSafe setting, including:

  • limits on the number of people attending the event
  • density requirements
  • COVID safety requirements

If you’re not sure what your event should be classified as, the Victorian Government’s self-assessment tool can help.

COVIDSafe event plan

The COVIDSafe Event Plan outlines the public health conditions for holding a mid-to-high risk public event in Victoria. These are Tier 1 and Tier 2 events, listed above. 

Organisers of Tier 1 and Tier 2 public events that would like an exemption from the setting in the Framework (Section 5) must to submit a COVIDSafe Event Plan for review and approval by the Victorian Government.

Organisers of Tier 2 public events that can operate under the settings of the Framework (Section 5) must submit a COVIDSafe Event Plan and COVIDSafe Public Event Attestation for the event to run.

Organisers will receive a confirmation email that: 

  • all required information has been provided; and 
  • the event meets the criteria to proceed as a Tier 2 event.

COVIDSafe Event Checklist

The COVIDSafe Event Checklist is an online self-assessment tool. The COVIDSafe Event Checklist is for Tier 3 events. If you are hosting a Tier 3 event and your business or organisation does not have a COVIDSafe Plan that covers the event as part of your regular business, you will need to fill out the checklist. 

Check the Victorian Government’s coronavirus website for legislative requirements and specific restrictions that may apply.

City of Ballarat COVIDSafe events

COVIDSafe plans for City of Ballarat events will be listed here.

Neon Playground COVIDSafe public events checklist

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