Event Application

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Do I need an event permit?

An event manager is responsible for planning and delivering an event. If they plan to use public space to run their event, they will need to submit an Event Application.


What is a public space?

  • Road, street, footpath, mall, court or alley
  • Public garden, reserve, or other place of public recreation.
  • Sports grounds and facilities
  • Waterways
  • Open space to which the public have or are permitted access.
  • Crown Land
  • Land owned by or managed by Council


Does the number of people attending matter?

Your event will require a permit, no matter the size. Knowing how many people plan to attend your event will help us ensure their safety.


How to apply

  1. Complete an Event Application.
  2. Prepare supporting documents
  3. Email your application and documents to ecg@ballarat.vic.gov


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